Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Umm - Did You Know....

Yes - it is Ash Wednesday and I am sure that Catholics around the world have all been politely asked by non Catholics if they knew that they had a smudge of soot on their foreheads.  Being polite, as most people are, we tend to let our friends and neighbors know if there is a smudge of this or that on their face, cheek or wherever.  We politely remind ladies that their lipstick has been smeared, we straighten gentlemen's ties and we gently remove food stains from children's chins.  

All done politely - often discreetly - as an act of kindness to help another person avoid being embarrassed.  Yet on this very special day - when Catholics and other Christians acknowledge the beginning of Lent - we hope that the smudge of ash on our foreheads proclaims loudly to all who see - that we are Christians!  We want people to ask - just as we want to tell the story of Jesus.  This is the one day of the year when Christians everywhere are allowed to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone and everyone they meet without rejection - because it is an unspoken proclamation.

We yearn to say this little bit of ash represents sin and forgiveness, redemption and sanctification, the One who died for my sins - so that I might have life eternal.  In our ashes - in this day - each one of us - proclaims to the world that Jesus Christ is Lord! 

Deacon Dale