Monday, February 6, 2012

Wait Loss

Although it is still early in the New Year when many people are moaning about the extra pounds put on during the holidays I do not mean to discuss Weight Loss.

I am thinking instead of people who are notorious procrastinators - those who take forever to make up their minds about almost anything. I realize that certain issues need the time to collect data and then analyze - before an intelligent decision may be made. That is understandable - but what about those who wait forever on - either very simple matters or very obvious decisions? As I have told my sons over the years - make a decision - ask God to bless it and then move on. If you realize later than you made a wrong decision - you can always change your mind and make a new decision. Very few decisions will lock you into a situation that has no escape. As one of my deacon brothers likes to say "no decision is a decision - a decision to do nothing". I find that a poor decision if you ask me.  Waiting too long means that very often opportunities are lost forever - never to be regained.  Eventually these losses build up to the point that few people will come to you for a decision since they know you have this problem.

Why is it that these perpetual procrastinators have this "wait loss" problem? Perhaps it is a lack of faith - a lack of trusting God that He has blessed them with the grace to come to a decision and move on with their life. If you are one of those with a "wait" problem then I suggest doing some exercises. Allow yourself to be put into a decision making situation and make a decision promptly  asking God to bless it and trust that it was the correct one. Make an effort daily, if possible, to make good prompt decisions. Then when those big issues come charging at you - you will be able to have an answer in a more suitable time. Trust in God - trust in His graces and trust in yourself - God does!

Deacon Dale