Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kicking Back

When most people think of kicking back, they are looking forward to time away from work and other commitments and a welcomed period of relaxation.  All of us deserve "respite" time - where we can recharge our batteries and relax from our busy lives.  I value the times when I can kick back and relax.

However, there is another aspect of kicking back and that is more in line with defending yourself or your beliefs.  Today as moral people we are all being called to kick back and voice our concerns for a recent ruling by the US Government in regards to changes in health care laws and imposing rules that force people of belief to go against what they believe.  It is deplorable that in our country where we value separation of Church and State - that the State would ignore that separation and make rules that fly in the face of people's beliefs .  It is not only Christians who fear this action.  If the government is able to impose their rules on one group - what will it take before they attack the belief systems of any other group in this country.  One day it is issues like birth control and abortions and the next it could just as likely be specifying what religions are approved or what day they can meet or any other numerous idiotic ideas.  This is the kind of thing that has happened in other countries around the world - but in a nation where we profess allegiance to one Nation under God - this is unbelievable.  

As concerned citizens, each and everyone of us needs to notify our senators and congresspeople and voice our concerns for any and all actions that violate our constitutional freedoms.  If we fail to act now - we may not even have time in the future to kick back in any aspect.

Dcn Dale