Saturday, April 12, 2014

Grand Entrance

Many people looking for new houses are seeking homes with a grand entrance - a large entry foyer - wide - expansive - welcoming. The concept is making guests feel that the entry is their personal space - a place to remove coats - get comfortable - as they continue into the homeowners house. Those who can afford to purchase homes with this particular feature - impress their guests - make a statement - we are prepared - waiting for you - to welcome you into our private space. There is nothing like a grand entrance to welcome people.

When Jesus entered into Jerusalem - masses of people standing to greet Him - waving palms - shouting His name - He had to be impressed. Being welcomed into the city - all the smiling faces - shouts of joy - hosannas - children running around Him - everyone trying to be near Him. Yes a grand entrance - leading to a grand let down. Who would have guessed that in a few short days - He would finish His journey - in such a drastic way. As we wind down on our Lenten Camino - we wave palms at Holy Mass this weekend - celebrating Jesus - walking slowly to the end of our Camino - slowly to Holy Week - slowly to the Triduum - slowly to His Cross.

Deacon Dale