Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Taxing Times

Life is beautiful - grand - enjoyable - full of surprises - accomplishments - rewards - most of  the time. Then there are those moments - hopefully few - when life kicks you in the back side - becomes unpleasant - troublesome - filled with concerns - taxing. Everyone has these moments - unavoidable - hard to escape - inevitable. It is one week away - income taxes are due - many - like myself - put off until the last week - placing pressure - stress - on ourselves to gather and complete that annual task. It will be done - on time - accurately - a sigh of relief at the end. Why do we do this to ourselves - why create a taxing scenario - year after year? The reality - it is a challenge - we place upon ourselves - like a sport - knowing that we will do well - waiting until the final bout - the championship match - going for the gold - we are enlivened by the challenge. Stressful - yes - taxing - yes - long hours - yes - but it is the knowledge - of success - final completion - doing a job well done. It is sport - and we love sports.

God offers us life - life in the fullest. Jesus said He came that we might have life and live it to the fullest. Notice He said might - not would - His promise of the potential - if we accept His challenge - to go for the gold - to grab the brass ring - to compete well - to run with the bulls - soar with the eagles - to seek what is offered - to find what is hidden. Doing so could be stressful - taxing - but in the end - well worth the effort. God has laid all this out before us - it is we who need to make the effort to take - to conquer - to enjoy - to rejoice - in His gifts. Our Lenten Camino continues to take us to places where we are encouraged to walk a little farther - to go the distance. The journey is not over yet - so we continue daily - prayers in hand - as we seek a deeper relationship with Him - the Author of Life.

Deacon Dale