Monday, April 7, 2014

Hot Air

Hot air is great in the winter and colder months - it keeps you warm - comfy - happy. Those who fly hot air balloons - major necessity for hot air - to stay afloat. In mid-summer - hot air - not appreciated. While walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain last year - hot air - especially on the meseta - desert area - not wanted - uncomfortable. Sitting next to a group of peregrinos - talking loudly - trying to impress each other - unwanted hot air. Bragging and boasting - not desirable - anywhere.

When Jesus spoke to the crowds - to individuals - to the people in the temple - no hot air - no bragging - no boasting. His words - words of encouragement - words of hope - words of forgiveness - words of healing. As we draw closer to the end of this Lenten Camino - springtime - new life - warmer - not hor - air - welcomes us. In these last days we focus not on the greatness of those around us - we focus on the simplicity - the truth of Jesus. As we walk this Camino - we focus - on Jesus.

Deacon Dale