Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ground Floor

Starting on the ground floor is where most people start - ground level - easy access - no elevation - smooth and easy. Moving anywhere on the ground floor - no major effort required. Attempting to rise above the ground floor - energy necessary to progress - desire to move upwards. Walking up a flight of stairs - starting low - seeking height. Entry level job - intern to CEO - seeking status and wealth. All of us have begun a project - started a job - on the ground floor - seeking to improve - to achieve - to greater challenges - bigger successes. It is the story of life - moving from inception towards a grand conclusion.

When we were brought to the temple - to church - presented to the high priest - to be baptized - to begin our initiation into a life with Christ - we began on a spiritual ground floor. As we age and mature - other sacraments celebrated - Eucharist - Confirmation - as we progress upwards on a life long journey towards God. Walking our Lenten Camino we started on a path - right where we were - over these past weeks - walking closer to Jesus - trekking a spiral path - upwards - closer to Him. Each day of our Camino - we move one spiritual foot after another - along the path of life - towards the Cross of Christ - towards Easter.

Deacon Dale