Wednesday, April 2, 2014

True Value

When a person considers making a purchase - paying for a service - contributing to a common cause - consideration has to be made as to the true value of that transaction. All too often goods and services are intentionally overpriced - to allow room for negotiation - bartering - quick and excessive profit. As long as the final consumer realizes the difference between what is asked and the real value -  and is able to freely negotiate a fair price - all is well. That is the free market system - supply and demand - want and need - fair pricing for both parties involved. In some parts of the world - bartering - negotiating - is part of  the culture - nobody is expected to really pay the quoted price - a game - a social interaction - money being the common game piece. When the game becomes a lie - falsehoods professed - an uneven playing field created - injustice occurs. It is up to everyone to heed the warning - buyer beware.

Jesus offers each of us true value - honesty - God's Word - proclaimed freely for all - no strings attached - no hidden clauses - no fine print. What He says - True - what He promises - True - what He proclaims - True. The life He offers - the healing - the acceptance - reconciliation - True. Continuing on our Lenten Camino - what we see is what we get - all True Value - guaranteed by God.

Deacon Dale