Sunday, April 13, 2014

Walking to Jerusalem

One of the really awesome things when we visited the Holy Land was walking to Jerusalem - up and down stone stairs - past merchant shops - greeting people everywhere we went. Jerusalem is an interesting city as is all of the Holy Land. A once-in-a-lifetime trip done twice - each visit a little different than the other. Traveling with different groups of people - ordained clergy - everyday folks. Taking in the sights and sounds - trying to remember all the special sites we visited - Sea of Galilee - Tiberius - Western Wall. Memories of very enjoyable visits.

When Jesus entered Jerusalem - greeted by the people waving palms - calling His name - a special moment - a time to celebrate acceptance. Having walked for the majority of the time He was preaching His Gospel message - this time riding in on a donkey - a colt - a change of pace for this Man of God. His time walking not only through the sand and desert - but into the hearts - minds - souls - of those who stopped - listened - took Him into their lives. We all have a journey to walk - our Lenten Camino - moving one foot after another - growing closer to Jesus - to God - on a daily basis. Seeking the One - who fills our hearts - minds - with His presence. This week as we walk towards Jerusalem - through the various liturgies - the Chrism Mass - Holy Thursday - Good Friday - Holy Saturday - the Easter Vigil - we join Jesus - walking to Calvary - to resurrection.

Deacon Dale