Friday, April 11, 2014

Heart Bleed

Heart Bleed is the name of a virus that was recently discovered that undermines - weakens -computer password security. It is currently receiving a lot of attention since those systems affected were previously thought to be completely secure and safe. For those of us who have critical data on various online sites - this is a valid concern. Thankfully fixes are being quickly implemented and within a week those software patches will be in place at which time passwords may be updated and security restored. Luckily major financial sites were not affected - so for many people the only heart bleed they need to be concerned with are those people who are serious gardeners and tend their colorful plants known as bleeding hearts - when to plant - how to cultivate.

For Christians everywhere the one bleeding heart they focus on is that of their saviour - Jesus - who freely shed His blood to atone for their sins. We are now one week away from Good Friday  - when the crucifixion of Jesus is commemorated - the day He died - that we might live. As Christians around the world flock to their local churches - all are reminded in special ways that this next week - Holy Week - is the most special week above all others - including Christmas. It is this week - when we allow ourselves to join our hearts with that of Jesus - it is in this next week when all of us will share - in His redeeming - heart bleed.

Deacon Dale