Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Senior Moments

For the next two days we will be traveling with a bus of seniors for a two day pilgrimage to Wisconsin. Traveling with seniors is always fun - they are just like younger people - except most of them have done it all - so their experience means less hassle and stress - more time for open sharing and laughs. This is a spiritual journey - visiting two shrines - time for prayer - Holy Mass - meals - being together - sharing God's blessings. If this is what people refer to as "senior moments" then I want more of them. The other senior moments - times of forgetfulness - we will just ignore - because the moments we remember are the ones we value.

Jesus calls all of us - seniors as well as youth - to follow Him - to share in His gift of salvation - love - acceptance. Taking time to journey with Him on our Lenten Camino - on foot - in a bus - leads us down the path designed for us by His Heavenly Father. All are called - all are drawn - not all respond. Each of us needs to keep our ears open - to hear Him - calling - our name.

Deacon Dale