Friday, April 4, 2014


Waymarks - signs placed along a route - to help travelers follow the route. They may be intended for travelers on foot - bicycle - horse - in a vehicle - any mode of transportation. Milestones -  common in Europe - are a form of waymark - along the Camino de Santiago - numerous different waymarks - all intended to show people the correct path to follow as they seek to journey to a final destination. While walking the Camino in Spain - waymarks became your best friend - reassuring each time you discovered the next one - telling you that you were walking the correct path. Without waymarks - completing the journey - very difficult. 

As we walk our Lenten Journey we are given signs - from God - that we are on the correct path. Scripture that speaks to the heart - prayers that stir emotions - sights and sounds - that move the inner spirit - all waymarks - reassuring us that we are headed in the right direction. Moving through Lent - we encounter the presence of God - in others - in special moments. We experience moments of grace - peace - love - assurances we are on the correct path. 

Deacon Dale