Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Triduum - Holy Thursday - The Pope Deacon

Today marks the beginning of the Triduum - the three holiest days in the Christian calendar. Holy Mass tonight will focus on three very important aspects of Catholicism - the Priesthood - Holy Eucharist - Service to our neighbors. At the beginning of Holy Mass the Oils blessed by the Bishop at the Chrism Mass this past Monday will be presented to Reverend Father to be placed in the parish ambry. In his homily tonight we will hear how - at the Last Supper - Jesus took bread and wine - blessed them and shared with His disciples - the origination of Holy Eucharist - the First Communion for His disciples and the institution of the priesthood as He told them to do likewise in remembrance of Him. And as they sat at table He - the First among Priests - the Son of Man - removed His outer garment - tied a towel around His waist and knelt in humility before each of His disciples as He washed their feet. Explaining to them - in this first - of ordination rituals - that they were to be the servants of all - to minister to all in charity - in love. Deacons first - servants of all - priests second - to confect the Eucharistic elements. As I watched a video of Pope Francis at His Holy Thursday service in Italy today - it struck me - at the foot washing ceremony - he removed his chasuble - wearing his alb and a deacon stole - proceeded to wash the feet of the twelve selected - to highlight the concept of Diaconia - service - to brother and sister - our Pope - deacon and priest - Bishop of Rome.

Jesus was the first - is the first - will always be the first - to serve - all - in humility - in charity. He is truly the Alpha - the Omega - the beginning - the end - the circle of life - summed up in one person - one God. As we celebrate His gift to us - His gift of salvation - His gift of Church - His gift of community - we - unworthy though we may be - celebrate Jesus.

Deacon Dale