Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Two Days Away

One of the exciting things about walking the Camino de Santiago was finally getting to the point when there were only two days left to walk to the Cathedral at Santiago. It was a time of excitement and concern - what would we do now that we were so close to finishing - would we actually be able to walk the distance remaining in only two days? At that point we had been walking for almost 30 days - feet were tired - we were tired - we wanted to be done - we wanted the experience to continue. Emotions were all over the place - excitement - sadness - joy - anticipation - you name it - we felt it.

As Jesus was drawing closer to His Last Supper - knowing full well what was going to happen - wondering if it would happen as expected - He was filled with emotions as well. He had to be confident that all would go as planned - yet - as a man - he had his concerns - enough that he would sweat blood. As we finish our last two days of Lent - we take time to pause and wonder - where have we come from - have we walked far enough - will we be ready for the Triduum?

Deacon Dale