Saturday, July 14, 2012


An eyewitness is valuable in so many situations - they give credibility to statements of fact that would be difficult to verify otherwise. If you made a hole in one playing golf and were playing by yourself - who would believe you - without an eyewitness? If you set a Guinness World Record and wanted your accomplishment recorded as the new record - who believe you without an official eyewitness? If you were charged with a criminal act and wanted to prove your innocence - where would you stand legally with or without an eyewitness? Having another person - of record - who would be willing to speak out - is necessary when verifying unsubstantiated information and claims.
When Jesus rose from the dead - the event would have gone unnoticed if numerous eyewitnesses had not stepped forward to verify the truth of the statements.  If there had been none - or if nobody was willing to speak up - the way we worship and who we worship would possibly be very different from what we know.  Because humans are inherently good - people do step forward and tell about the events they have eyewitnessed - they share the details - the excitement - the sadness - the joy - the miracles of life. Jesus calls each of us to witness to others that we meet about how He has worked in our lives - to share the Truth that He is.

Deacon Dale 

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