Saturday, July 14, 2012

Riposa In Pace

Riposa In Pace is Italian for Rest In Peace - a statement made at wakes and funerals after someone has passed away. Very often you will see these words in one language or another inscribed on funeral markers and headstones. But what does it mean?  Depending on your personal beliefs - it may mean something or nothing at all. The majority of people would probably take it to mean that the living are wishing a peaceful time in the here-after to the one who has died. Depending - again on your own beliefs - that may mean either total darkness - nothing at all - or a rebirth to an eternal existence - either in Heaven or Hell. Obviously - Rest in Peace - would be expecting an eternal life in Heaven - because everyone knows that there is no peace in Hell.
To Rest In Peace in Heaven - means enjoying the promises Jesus made to His disciples and to us - who believe in Him as Lord and Savior. A life away from this existence - and in a new and much better life - where there is no pain or suffering - no sin or temptation - no arguments or anxiety - no pills - no frustrations - only peace and harmony - celebrating all that God is - all that is good and wonderful. Sound too good to believe - people are just dying to find out!

Deacon Dale