Sunday, July 1, 2012

Northern European Mutt

Northern European Mutt - that is me.  This is in reference to my genealogy. Some people - like my wife - can claim to be purebred since both her parents were of Polish descent - one generation removed from Poland. My family roots are not as clear or as clean. Although my mother was pure Italian direct from Italy - my father's family history is a bit more varied as our surname of English origin is compounded with English, Irish, Welsh, German, French and Jewish ancestry. My mother used to always say we were Heinz seven varities when discussing family origins. I never did figure out the Jewish roots as that is really a religious designation.  Most Americans probably fall into the same "mutt" category as I do - with a varied mix of nationalities.  For me this has not caused confusion - rather a desire to get to know each of the nationalities that are a part of my family history.
Spiritually all Christians claim the same background - Jesus people. The difference between Christians happens when you discuss denominational lines - Protestant - Catholic - Orthodox - and then all the sub-categories under each of those.  A few of these tend to see major differences from the others and because of that - do not see people from other "lines" as brothers and sisters in the Lord.  No matter what our doctrinal differences - we are all one - under the One - the only Lord.  When people begin to really understand their religious roots as well as their genealogical roots we might actually stop the pointing and accusing and get on with the business of being Christ's modern day disciples! Jesus said "to love the Lord your God with all your heart - with all your soul and with all your mind is the first commandment and the second is to love your neighbor as yourself."  If we are to be Jesus' modern day disciples we need to give up the finger and instead offer our hands!

Deacon Dale