Monday, July 2, 2012

Power Washer

Power washers are very helpful tools - using a gas engine or an electrical power source - it takes an ordinary stream of water and increases the force at which the water is sprayed. Power washers are used to clean cars, house siding and decks among other items. Using a power washer not only speeds up the task at hand - it also cleans deeper and with more force - with a small effort on the operator's part - to do a good deep cleaning.
Jesus does not need to use a power washer to get you clean. When you decide that you can no longer live with the stain of sin in your life - all you need to do is to go to Jesus and confess your sins to Him. He will take the sins in your life and remove them from you in a very gentle but very thorough way to completely clean you. Jesus cleans you and makes you whole - to enjoy the life that His Father had planned for you since the time of creation. If you are unsure how to do this -speak with your parish priest or minister - they will be more than happy to help you experience the power of God's cleansing in your life.

Deacon Dale