Friday, July 20, 2012

Counting Down

There are many times and places that we use a count-down clock or calendar. Getting ready to leave on vacation - preparing for an exciting event - marking off the days and hours to our wedding or ordination - counting the minutes until a special birthday.  As the time becomes shorter and shorter - our excitement grows - until finally the final hour - the last minutes. It is time!    Let's go! Start the party! Celebrate!  Counting down the time helps us to make important and significant events in our lives - memorable.
When we were children - studying our catechism - we anticipated that day when we would be able to receive Holy Eucharist - to be Confirmed - to celebrate our first Confession. All those events were significant - and for most - very memorable. As an adult - learning about your faith - your relationship to God - to Jesus - to Mary - all became significant memories - when you finally grasped that which eluded you as a child. Thank God for memories and the special moments in our lives - praise Him for being patient with us - glorify Him for His awesome love - thank Him for not counting us out.

Deacon Dale