Saturday, July 28, 2012


In physiology and medicine, dehydration (hypohydration) is defined as the excessive loss of body fluid. It is literally the removal of water from an object; however, in physiological terms, it entails a deficiency of fluid within an organism. Dehydration of skin and mucous membranes can be called medical dryness. There are three types of dehydration:depending on the relationship of how much water and or electrolytes (salt) is lost. Sometimes dehydration is good - as in dried fruit - meant to preserve and prolong its usefulness. Some common liquid antibiotics such as amoxicillin are first produced as liquids and then the water is removed to prolong the life of that  product - in a dry state it has a shelf life of years - once reconstituted - when water is added back - the antibiotic is only good for two weeks at which time the potency begins to rapidly degrade and becomes useless. When humans do not drink enough liquids or have excessive diarrhea - the body may rapidly lose fluids and create a medical emergency - infants and small children may become critical in less than twenty-four hours - adults within a few days - or in certain situations - such as  the excessive heat wave that we have been experiencing - in a matter of hours. The obvious answer is to not let yourself become dehydrated in the first place by maintaining proper body fluid levels. The cure is to replace lost fluids - in extreme cases - through intravenous fluids administered by medical personnel.
When we wander from God - when we turn our back on Jesus - when we focus our attention on anything other than His divine presence - we lose an essential element of life - we can say that we are de-God -drated. Sometimes this is intentional - when a person denies the existence of God - other times is may be accidental - when life throws so many curves at a person that they become disorientated and lose focus on the essentials of life. Although we may deny God's existence - He never denies ours - although our focus may be easily taken off God and His presence in our lives - His attention is never taken off of us. If you have been wandering in the desert - if you have been experiencing extremes in life - confusing you - spiritually drying you out - you can correct all this by approaching the waters of re-generation - that is Jesus. To drink in His presence - to fill your body with His life giving love - to accept Him back into your life. Jesus is the waters that refresh - Jesus is the cure for all that ails you.

Deacon Dale