Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Don't you love it when people celebrate anniversaries - special times of the year when all sorts of things are celebrated and remembered. Your first job - the birth of a child - your birthday - wedding - buying your house. We celebrate those things that are very important to us. These are markers in our lives - they say a little about who we are - where we are going - what type of individual we are -what is important to us - they are a piece of each of us. When you have a special day to remember - I say celebrate in style! On this day - I pause and say to my best friend - my wife - Happy 43rd Wedding Anniversary! I love you more today than I ever have.
When we attend daily Holy Mass - we remember that day that Jesus gave His life for us. Each Mass we participate in is a special celebration and an anniversary of that awesome act of giving His life - for our salvation. We do not give Jesus cards or gifts - we offer to Him our love - our appreciation - our devotion. Today celebrate that gift as if it were the only anniversary you could ever celebrate!

Deacon Dale