Saturday, July 21, 2012


Buddies - everyone has at least one good friend that they would call their buddy.  Buddies are special people - they are always there to bring a smile to your face - to help get you out of unhappy moods - to hang out with and help you relax and enjoy life.  Today many parents call their little children - both boys and girls - buddy.  Constantly you hear them telling these little people "good job buddy".  My grandson tells me all about his buddies from school - his soccer teammate buddies - neighborhood buddies.  Not everyone qualifies as a buddy - he tells me that some are only friends - at six years old it is interesting that he discerns between buddies and friends. He obviously realizes that buddies are very special friends. 
In Jesus we have a very special friend.  Although I don't think we can properly call Jesus a buddy - we should be able to call Him a friend - a very special friend - not a buddy - but so much more!  Like a buddy - He is there to get you out of unhappy moods - to put a smile on your face - to hang with you so that you can truly enjoy life and live it to the fullest. If you need a special friend - if you are looking for someone who will listen to you for hours on end - who will not judge you - but accept you for who you are - that is Jesus - better than a buddy - the best friend you could ever hope for!

Deacon Dale