Friday, July 6, 2012


I was recently doing some work around our back deck and noticed that the stairs needed repair. The one stairway needs minor work but the second set was structurally damaged and needed to be replaced which meant that I could correct a design flaw in the original stairway. A simple project - one that many do-it-yourself people would not shy away from. Building a stairway is not a simple task - so I have learned. After doing the proper research - I was able to decide on how I should proceed. The hardest part - making the stairway stringers - was easily solved when I discovered that they were available pre-cut and matching my exact dimensions!  The rest fell into place - buying the lumber - putting in some necessary supports - and voila - a new stairway.
When you are working on your relationship with God - you are building your stairway to heaven. Luckily - when building that stairway you do not have to worry about creating any risers - you do not need a list of lumber - and there is no working in one hundred degree temperatures. As you develop your spiritual life - you add another stair onto your stairway to heaven. Getting to understand your relationship with Jesus - accepting Him as your Lord and Savior - all adds stairs.  Each spiritual step brings you closer and closer to your heavenly home. Every day Jesus stands at the top of the stairway calling your name - it is up to you how quickly you add steps and how close you draw nearer to God. Prayer is the tool - faith is the glue - start your stairway today!

Deacon Dale 

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