Friday, July 20, 2012

WOW! Factor

WOW! is a word that expresses wonder - amazement - surprise. Almost anything may have that WOW! factor. A special dress for that once in a lifetime occasion - a shinny new car loaded with options - A spectacular accomplishment - a hole-in-one - a home run - a surprise ending to an outstanding movie - an outstanding gourmet dinner. It is not that frequent that we are able to experience things or events that have a WOW! factor.  When we do - we know that something very special happened. When these special occasions do occur - we are very pleased - with life - with ourselves. We rejoice and look forward to more of those times.
God revealed himself to Moses in the Burning Bush - an unexpected and awesome event. If Moses had spoken English - he might have said WOW!. If we were to encounter God in a burning bush - we would definitely say WOW! As it is - our encounters tend to be more on the everyday or mundane side. We attend church - we pray - we follow our devotions - day in - day out. We seek comfort - peace - joy.  Jesus offers us His promise - that He will always be there for us - always ready to help - always faithful to us - even when we are not faithful - that alone should make us shout - WOW!

Deacon Dale