Thursday, July 19, 2012


Decisions rule our lives - every day we have to make decisions - when to wake up - what to wear - where to go - who to call - how to do - one decision after another. The problem with making decisions - is that sometimes they are wrong. We judge poorly - we speak wrongly - we act hastily - we rush our decisions.  In the end - we have to accept that we will make wrong or bad decisions - having discovered our error we move on - we make new decisions.  That is one of the beautiful things about making decisions - we can always change them!  Very few decisions are cast in stone - most decisions can be altered and changed.  What a gift to be able to correct a poor decision.
When we were first introduced to religion and the worship of God - our decision on how and when to worship - for the most part - was made for us by our parents.  We automatically followed what they did - questioning nothing and accepting everything. Then we matured - grew up and became adults ourselves - and started questioning.  We wanted answers to questions previously unasked - hearing the answers we decided to accept or reject. For many of us - rejecting the faith of our parents was a given - we were better informed - more enlightened - or so we thought.  Drifting in an ocean of confusing theology only made the decision process more difficult - so we continued drifting until the Island  that is God - was so far away - that many gave up - drowned in that ocean of confusion. Thankfully for us - although we left God behind - He never abandoned us. All our lives Jesus has been there - walking with us - patiently waiting for us to make our decisions - holding His breath when we chose poorly - clapping with joy when we chose well.  Today Jesus is still there - waiting for you - waiting for your next decision - waiting for you to walk His way.

Deacon Dale