Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Real-time is a modern designation of time in which the event or action taking place is happening at the same instant that you are reading or participating in that event. Attending a baseball game - sitting in the stands - watching the action as it evolves - is real time.  Watching a video or pictures of that same event at a later time - a few hours - days - weeks - is past time. With today's technology we are able to participate in numerous real-time activities that were not available in the past. Many services that previously had to be delayed - waiting prior approval - are able to be done almost instantly because of the availability of real-time computer processing. Real-time has made life easier for those of us who both use and work with those systems.
Jesus has and always will be available to us in real-time.  We do not have to make a request through a prayer of petition and wait hours or days for that request to be submitted. The second it leaves our hearts - our minds - our lips - it is received by Him. He is available to us 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year. Getting an answer to our prayers - is not always as simple - although He receives our requests in real-time - He answers in His time.  Sometimes His answer is No - Maybe - Not Now - Later.  What ever His answer - it is His answer - not ours - and how He answers may not be what we expected - but it is always for the best.  In His time - according to His will - not ours - in His way.  Jesus waits for you.

Deacon Dale