Sunday, July 22, 2012

Heat Wave

I enjoy hot weather - anytime it is over seventy degrees I feel very comfortable. Normally I would say the hotter the better - as long as it is not high humidity - when your skin feels sticky and tacky. Even these past few weeks with the higher temperature - there is something that I like about the sun beating down on my body. Maybe I am part plant - I feel that the bright hot sunshine is actually good for me. Mentally I come alive - I spread my arms out and soak up as much of the hot rays of the sun as I can. There have been a few occasions in the past two weeks when I was working outside that I did get slightly uncomfortable. When you begin to perspire and the water is shedding off your forehead and face like a water faucet - then maybe it is a bit too hot - even then the feeling that your pores are been washed out and your body is eliminating toxins is still a good feeling.

As the Son of God - Jesus is like the sun - constantly sending His warm rays of love upon each of us. As we rejoice in God's presence in our lives - we ask Him to send the power of His Holy Spirit down upon us - like rain from the heavens. As we sense the rays of His Son coming upon us and flooding our bodies with His warmth and presence - we know without a doubt that we have found favor with God. The next time you go outside and feel the warm rays of the sun upon your body - stop and ask yourself if it is the sun in the sky or the Son of Man who is making you feel warm and loved. 

Deacon Dale 

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