Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mary Mary

Today marks blog entry #200 and it is only fitting that I begin the next set of one hundred entries by focusing on Mary. Throughout history there have been many famous women named Mary - Mary  Queen of Scots - Queen Mary I of England also known as "Bloody Mary" - Mary Magdalene - Mary of Clopas - and more. The most famous Mary has to be the Virgin Mary - Mother of Jesus. As the Mother of God incarnate - she is the most popular Mary spoken or sung about. A simple Jewish girl selected by God to bear His Son - catapulted her to a position of importance in both Christian and Muslim religions. It is interesting to note that there is more written about Mary in the Qur'an than in the Bible. While Catholics, Orthodox and Muslins hold a special place for Saint Mary - Protestants - in general - pay little attention to her - only acknowledging that she is the mother of Jesus. Many people misunderstand the place of Mary in Catholic and Orthodox theology - where she is honored and venerated - but NOT worshiped - as she is fully human and not divine. It is because of lack of education that some think that Catholics and Orthodox "worship" Mary as divine - which is not true.  To gain a better understanding of Mary - click this link:  Saint Mary for a video that explains this.

As we worship God - we acknowledge Him as the One God in three persons - Father - Son - Holy Spirit. As we worship Jesus - the Son of God - or God Incarnate - the God with flesh - it is only fitting that we honor and recognize the mother of Jesus - the young Jewish girl who had the guts to say "yes" to the angel - when asked if she was willing to bear God's child. As a twelve to fourteen year old girl - Mary had to make a very adult decision - to risk ridicule and expulsion and even possibly death - with her approval. You have to respect her just for the courage that she exhibited - you have to honor her for her level of commitment to God - you have to venerate her as the one human on earth who opened the gateway of Jesus' entrance on Earth - you just have to love her!

Deacon Dale  

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