Monday, July 9, 2012

Under Pressure

What do you think of when you hear the words"under pressure"? Do you immediately think of your job and a rapidly approaching deadline - perhaps an upcoming date with that special girl or guy - maybe you are in the first or last hours of delivering a new baby into the world - perhaps you are sitting for a special exam for college or a job application. As you can see there are a lot of situations when the words "under pressure" applies. Recently I was opening up a carton of soda pop and I could not find the perforated lines so I decided to carefully use a knife to open the carton - I diligently felt for the space between the cans and inserted the knife - voila! - I had just cut directly into the side of one of the cans.  Under pressure has a whole new meaning when you do that - pop spraying all over the place - and you cannot do anything about it until the pressure goes away.
Unfortunately a lot of people view their religious life in that exact way. Under pressure - from their family or friends - their co-workers - their minister or priest - from God. Although many people may pressure you about how you practice your faith life - or if you are a casual or serious believer - or how frequently you attend services - God does not. Sure He wants you to worship Him - sure Jesus wants you to accept Him as your personal Savior - sure He who loved you first - before you were in your mother's womb - wants you to return His love - but never under pressure. We know that we cannot buttonhole God and push Him around - we have to wait for Him to act in His time - so why would Jesus be any different? He knows your mind and your heart - He knows what is going on inside you - and He is ever patient - waiting for you to make the next move - no pressure.  After all - He has all the time in the world - but do you?

Deacon Dale 

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