Sunday, July 29, 2012


When we decide to make something different we change it - we switch from one identity or designation to another. It is interesting that my initial request on Google immediately brought up change of address. There were multiple hits involving changing ones address. Although useful - that was not the change I was seeking. What I wanted was what we refer to as "change" or different instruments of monetary negotiation. When we take a large bill of currency and switch it into smaller amounts - particularly coins - we refer to these smaller units of currency as "change". Actually this is a misnomer as we switch dollars for coins and each coin has its own identity - thus in the USA change would refer to pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and half-dollars. In Europe or the mid-East - we would be using Euros, Zloty, Shekels, etc - and each different monetary system would have "change" - smaller monetary units to use. I find when I travel - that I have to adjust how I buy and sell - using foreign currency. It is interesting - challenging - perhaps a little difficult - never impossible.
When Jesus comes to us - He is offering us the currency of God's Love.  God's Love - which is so much more valuable than all the monies of the World. It does not have larger or smaller denominations - His Love comes in one size for all  peoples - for all cultures - all races - all tongues. His Love is larger than the highest mountain - wider than the largest continent - deeper than the deepest ocean. Like water - His Love flows around and in us - it fills us - it consumes us - it  brings life - healing - refreshment - nourishment. Even in the deserts of the World - you are never without this ocean of Love - you are never left stranded - you are always "at sea" with God. If your life is lacking God's Love - all you need to do is make "change" - change your mind - change your heart - change your attitude - change the way you see others - change the negative thoughts - come to Jesus and ask Him to enter your life - to fill you with God's Love - ask for His Divine Mercy to flow around you - with God change is never impossible.

Deacon Dale

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