Saturday, February 16, 2013

Act of Valor

Act of Valor is a 2007 project originally intended as a promotional short film authorized for recruiting for Navy Special Warfare - released in 2012 as a full length action war movie in which nine featured Seal actors were - in fact - actual combat veterans trained in military tactics. In producing the movie - the directors determined that actors would never be able to replicate the abilities of real life Seals and thus arranged with the Navy to use real life Seals. In some parts of the movie actual training exercises were filmed using live ammunition to replicate actual warfare conditions. Some in the military felt that it was an error to reveal actual techniques employed and yet - others felt that many tactics were already known by those who might be interested in learning about those very tactics. In the movie - the high standards and quality of the Seals easily came forth by the real-life Seals as actors - none of the men had to be taught how to act and respond as men of courage and valor.
It would be well for all of us - if we would act as courageous and with as much valor in how we live our daily lives as Christians. All too many - are reeds blowing in  the wind - solid in their faith - until challenged by adverse winds - of change and challenges. Many people - right now - are questioning their faith - especially as Catholics - in the face of Pope Benedict's recent announcement of his impending resignation. They fear - unjustifiably -  that the Pope has lost his faith - allowing false rumors - to disrupt the comfort of their faith beliefs. What they fail to recognize - that the Pope - as a man of faith - courage - valor - has made one of the most astounding and significant announcements in recent history. As Christians - Jesus calls each of us to be men and women of valor - to live our lives sincerely and honestly - bravely going where others fear to tread - to walk securely - with Jesus - into the future.

Deacon Dale