Monday, February 4, 2013

Table Change

Table change is what I call small amounts of money that is left over after you break a large denomination of money. A dollar when broken yields perhaps a few quarters - a twenty dollar bill when broken almost always yields some singles. With these smaller denominations you can feed the parking meter - put a smile on a young child's face - leave a tip for a waiter or waitress or drop into a hat placed on the ground by a street performer. To some - small means tiny - insignificant - not worth the bother. Yet - many small coins add up to dollars and dollars to twenties and twenties to hundreds. In no time - many small - combine into one large. Money is not the only thing that becomes more significant when accumulated - moments and minutes will add up to lifetimes - lifetimes to unforgettable events. A collection of events to memorable stories.
No matter how small and insignificant - it is always important to God. What others cast aside - God collects. He collects our individual thoughts and feelings - our hurts and longings - our wishes and dreams. When others scoff and mock - God holds dear and fills with His presence. On God's table - each of us is no more than table change - but unlike ourselves - He holds us in high regard. No matter how small or insignificant we may feel - We are always important to God. He created us to be good - He created us to be special - and special we are to Him - the author of life - the lover of souls - the One true God.

Deacon Dale