Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When You Fall

Why is it when you fall - fail - that it is never something small - tiny - inconspicuous? Failures are always giant things - aren't they - or are they? None of us likes to fail - at anything.  It might be a project - a relationship - something completely new - or an everyday task - we just hate it when it doesn't happen as planned. We beat ourselves up - we become frustrated - we wonder why we attempted it - in the first place. Falling - failing - is much more common than we realize. Any good salesman knows you have to get through a lot of "nos" before you hear the first "yes".  To be successful - you have to make great effort - experience a lot of failures - before success happens.  Michael Jordan is one who knows how easy it is to fail. Although one of the most successful athletes of all time - in his career - he missed over 9000 shots! 
Jesus knew that we would have a hard time living our lives according to His Gospel. He knew we would have successes and failures - that some days would be wonderful - others a total loss. His Heavenly Father knew it - that is why He sent Jesus to us - in the first place - to be a role model for us - to show us how to make an honest attempt at life. By some standards - Jesus failed - He was nailed to a cross - right?  As men judge things - that was a failure - to God - a success. To you and me - inspiration.  That is why Jesus told us that He would always be with us - always there to help - always there to love - always there - no matter what.  Today put your trust in Jesus - He will not fail you.

Deacon Dale