Sunday, February 3, 2013

Saint Blaise

Today after Holy Mass we blessed throats in honor of Saint Blaise. In this special blessing - done yearly in early February - we are asking Saint Blaise to intercede for us - that we may be protected and delivered from any and all diseases of the throat and all other illnesses. Saint Blaise was a physician and a bishop of Sebastea in historical Armenia (now Sivas,Turkey). He was martyred by being beaten to death with iron carding combs and beheaded. In iconography he is often pictured with either the carding combs or candles. In many churches crossed candles tied together with red ribbon are used in the blessing of throats. His feast day is celebrated on February 3rd - so today - it was even more fitting that this special blessing was offered to parishioners. Blessings such as these are important to us - to remind us - that God is with us - in even the most ordinary events of life.
When Jesus was growing as an adult and beginning His ministry - He participated in those ordinary events in life. He played with other children - He attended weddings - He observed people being people and everything that happens as people live with and interact with each other. He was able to observe life - not from a distance - but right in the thick of life - the good as well as the bad - the happy as well as the sad. Because He was personally immersed into human life He knew and understood people. He knew people even better than they could imagine - today He still knows us - He knows our hearts - our pains - our troubles - our hopes - our desires. Today - He is still there - waiting - watching - for you to turn to Him - to call His name - to profess your love - to accept Him as your Lord.

Deacon Dale