Monday, February 11, 2013


If you listen to me enough you will hear me say - often - "to keep it in perspective". Perspective is defined as a way of regarding situations and facts - judging their relative importance - keeping a proper or accurate point of view - or the ability to see that view. It is interesting how often I come across people who are anxious and agitated by situations - situations they often cannot control. In spite of this - they let those situations or facts cause an obsessive or highly unusual level of concern. Once I gain their attention - I ask them to keep whatever is bothering them - in perspective.  Many times the situation does not even involve them personally - they should be concerned for others involved - but not to the point where they become obsessive about it. On other occasions - the situation or fact is greatly overstated - made worse or better than it actually is - again - they are urged to keep the situation in perspective to reality - seeing it as it really is - not an imagined reality.
Today Pope Benedict XVI announced his impending resignation as Pope - many people are confused and overly concerned about his decision. A lot of energy is being used to ask why. As  Pope he should be respected - his decision respected - not challenged - not questioned. He is a very intelligent man - for his own reason - he has made this decision. He is not denying that God selected him to be Pope - he is not denying his call to serve the people of God - he is acknowledging - publicly - that the time to serve as Pope has come to an end. He is not walking away from God - rather he is moving closer to God - empowering the Church to function as it should - to elect a new pope - to free himself to spend his remaining time in prayer - for the Church - for each of us.

Deacon Dale