Saturday, February 9, 2013


An exemplification means that a process or object is being exemplified - or explained in a manner to make it clearer to understand. For example if I tell you about a big dog - that would be a simple description. If I explain something in more detail - a big white dog with short hair - then I have provided an example and clearer description in describing that dog - you now have a better picture of a big - short hair dog. This Saturday the Knights of Columbus in our district are holding a Fourth Degree Exemplification. The original process of becoming a Knight was to go through three degrees - or levels of instruction - to make you a full Knight. The Fourth degree is the patriotic degree which has been added to better describe the gentlemen who call themselves Knights. A Fourth degree Knight is not only a Catholic Gentleman who is serious about his faith - his family - his community - but also - serious about his country.

 4th Degree Knight in Tux

4th Degree Knight in Regalia
After going through the exemplification process the gentleman is now knighted and known as Sir Knight - the highest degree in the Order. By participating in this process - the gentleman has made it clearer - through example - what sort of gentleman he is - a man focused on his faith - his family - his community - his country.

Jesus asks all of us to become examples to others - to exemplify Him in our own lives - to live honorable and holy lives - to be "the only Christ that some people may ever know".

Deacon Dale