Sunday, February 24, 2013


A person who procrastinates is one who puts off - delays - postpones - waits - drags one's feet - prolongs - the task at hand. Often there are good reasons - data to be collected - alternatives to be considered - waiting on other people - needing to complete a previous step in the process. Then there are those who never complete any task in a timely manner. Other tasks are deemed as more important - easier to complete - more interesting. Those who constantly fail to complete all tasks - in a timely manner - are habitual procrastinators - bumps in the road - road blocks to progress. Everyone is guilty of procrastinating - once in awhile - that is acceptable. When it involves yourself - you are the only one who suffers - when it involves others - the suffering and inconvenience - snowballs. Those who are guilty of perpetually procrastinating need to be called to task - to be taught how to manage their time - to become considerate of others - involved in whatever process it might involve.  Acting in a timely manner - is the only considerate way to behave.
In Matthew 24:36 we are told that "nobody knows the day or the hour" - not the prophets - not the angels - not the Son - but only the Father. We are warned that the time is now - the Church warns us now - in Lent - that now is the time to repent - to believe in the Gospel - to prepare for that day and hour - whenever it may come. Our salvation is closer at hand than we realize - our last breath is only a short time away. If we wait too late - if we delay too long - if we refuse to focus on our eternal future - it may be too late. Jesus waits at the door - for the knock - for the request - for you.

Deacon Dale