Sunday, February 17, 2013


Today we celebrated the first Sunday of Lent - that day when the color changed to purple - when we changed the "Alleluia" verse to "Glory and Praise to You" and Holy Scripture pointed our attention to prayer - penance - alms giving and self-denial. This is a time that continues - until Holy Thursday eve - just before Easter. In this solemn liturgical season of the Church - we reflect on our lives and how we are living them. We take time to reflect - not so much on what we have accomplished - but rather - on what we have not accomplished - what people we have forgiven and which ones we have not. We look deep and honestly into how we act and react to others - the areas where we have willingly been less than what God asked us to be. In these reflections - we see the stain of sin - dwelling in our lives - and in these 40 days - we pray - repent - ask forgiveness - for acting less like Christ - and more like the evil He came to free us from.
Jesus knew - when he began His public ministry - that He would encounter - us - we who have sinned - we who are arrogant - we who think we know better - and in encountering - us - He knew that we would have a hard time accepting - His unconditional love - His unconditional forgiveness - He unconditional sacrifice. This Lent - we need to trust - trust in His words - trust in His promises - trust in His forgiveness. There is no darkness in His heart - He is waiting to remove the darkness in ours.

Deacon Dale