Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weighting Game

Unlike the waiting game - which involves the aspect of time - the weighting game - focuses on the aspect of weight.  All too many people are caught up in the issues of weight - how much is too much - how much is too little - is it about appearance - does it involve health?  Too many people just ignore  the issue - possibly the very ones who should be the most concerned.  The arguments that surround medical weight charts and how realistic or unrealistic they are - are numerous.  Perception is reality - that can cause serious confusion.  I prefer perspective - viewing the issue - in perspective of what is real - what is correct. When a person is five pounds over weight - or under weight - they are simply over or under the "ideal" weight - which may or may not be - a realistic number. Unless you are an infant or toddler - five pounds is nothing - in reality.  Consider  this - the chart may have been assembled using data which does not realistically apply to  the general population - thus - not a true perspective of the weight issue.  At fifty pounds over or under weight - you can forget all the charts - because the reality is that fifty pounds - is a serious variance from any reality. 
One of the most serious aspects of the weighting game is - in reality - the weight i.e. the seriousness - of an issue. In this perception - weight has nothing to do with pounds and ounces - rather - the severity of the issue. Eternal damnation or salvation - is a very weighty issue. Once past the issue of a healthy body weight - it is far more important to consider your future - your spiritual future - where you will spend - eternity. Like coping with body weight - far too many - delay - ignore - the weighty issue of eternal existence - heaven - hell - the space between. As simple as it is - all too many choose to ignore this issue. For the committed Christian - for those who are faithful - to the Gospel - to Jesus - to God - there is no question - no issue. For the remainder - there is an answer - Jesus - the Lord - who solves all weight issues - that really matter.

Deacon Dale