Saturday, February 2, 2013


This post was stimulated by a comment on my recent post about completing 300 blog entries. In that post I had mentioned how a priest felt that I could or should not be one who could empower others. He made the comment "that is a priestly characteristic" as if to imply that deacons or anyone else could not be an empowering force. I do agree - on one level - that all priests should be able to empower others - unfortunately many fall short of that goal. I also believe that many ordinary and not so ordinary people have the ability to empower. Michael Jordan - as an extraordinary athlete - has been the driving force in many peoples lives - not just young boys but also girls as well as men and women. Because of his success - he has empowered others to seek their full potential in life. Quite often people are made powerless and impotent because of the titles given them. Years ago when my youngest son was delivering his speech as valedictorian - he had an issue with some of the administration people because of the apparent lack of a title for his speech which he called "Untitled". They did not understand that he was not refusing to give them a title - as the title was - "Untitled". In that speech he mentioned how he and his classmates had all been "labeled" - given "titles" - by classmates - teachers - others - as nerds - jocks - dweebs - geeks - losers - teacher's pet - etc. In his speech he told his classmates that now was a time in their lives to become untitled - to shed those false labels - to go out and learn - to accomplish - to seek their hearts desire - and in doing so they would create just and right titles for themselves - as teachers - doctors - lawyers - mechanics - carpenters - moms and dads and more - that they no longer had to be labeled with titles that tore down and demeaned - but with new titles that would empower and guide them through the rest of their lives. At the age of seventeen - he saw potential in his classmates that others - much older - did not. 
When Jesus walked this Earth - He socialized with people of many titles. Not all were rabbis - or priests - most were common people - tradespeople - laborers - mothers and fathers and children - tax collectors and prostitutes. Behind the titles and labels imposed on them - He saw people. People trying to live out good lives - people seeking the truth - people just being people. He encouraged them - He empowered them to see that there was so much more available to them if they had faith. Faith in Him - Faith in His Father. Today we still have a lot of people seeking to shed unfair labels and titles - trying to live a decent life. We - Jesus' modern day disciples - are called to show them the way - called to empower them - to see their potential - to realize their possibilities - to live lives - as children of God.

Deacon Dale