Monday, February 18, 2013

Fishers of Men

What does it mean to be "fishers of men"? Are we suppose to take some metaphoric "fishing pole" loaded with "lines" and "lures" and put a modern "spin" on issues and answers to win others over - to our way of thinking?  It seems that is more of the status quo than we want to admit.  I have to admit - in some ways - I am just as guilty - as many others in doing this. I use words - well chosen - not only for the information they provide - but also for the impact - they will have on the reader's mind and heart.  We do this - we hope - to make a point - to get our ideas - our beliefs - across to others.  Nothing wrong in this - as long as we are professing - words of  truth - words of encouragement - words of love.  If - however - we are positioning ourselves - for personal gain - at a cost to others - then shame on us. My intention - in my writings - in what I share - is to share the joy and peace - that I have experienced - so that others - may experience the same.  The benefit to me - is happier people - happier families - happier communities.  When I go "fishing" - I hope to "catch" others - with God's message of agape love.
Jesus did not mince His words - He spoke from His heart - to the hearts of others - He did not need to "spin" His words - His words of love - forgiveness - acceptance.  When people heard with their hearts - they were changed. Today hearts are still being changed - when we - His modern disciples - share His truth - openly and honestly. Today - more  than ever - each of us - men and women - young and old - are called to be - fishers of men.

Deacon Dale