Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sede Vacante

Sede Vacante - the vacant seat - nobody is at home - the Chair of Peter is empty. A moment in the lives of people around the world - that has never been experienced by any of us. This is a new experience for the peoples of the world - Catholic - non-Catholic - Orthodox - Jews - Muslims - Protestants - atheists - agnostics - everyone.  Some people - could care less - religion is not their thing - for the remainder - we watch - we ponder - we anticipate the activities to come. Ours is not to ask why - we need no answers - we have no right to question - we observe. The days to come - the results of discussions and voting - will produce a new pope.
Jesus may have appointed Peter as the head of the Christian church that would follow after He left - like any organization - managed by people - there are the ups and downs - the years of feasting and famine - happy and sad times - through it all - God will provide. Those of us who have faith - trust in the Holy Spirit - for a good and positive outcome. Until the white cloud of smoke - we wait and pray.

Deacon Dale