Thursday, February 14, 2013

What's In It For Me?

[For Deacon Jack] - What's in it for me - a common expression voiced by all too many people - skeptics - critics - people on the side lines - what do I get out of this or that - how do I benefit - if I dare get involved - follow your example - do as you do?  Everyone of us has these people in our lives - the naysayers - the whiners - the complainers. We have a hard time pleasing them - because everything is impossible - too hard - untried - out of the box. Recently I decided to quit thinking outside of the box - instead I have disposed of the box - no more constraints - no more restrictions - no more limitations - imposed upon me by those who will.  I am a renegade - I chose not to follow - rather to lead - by thought - by design - by practice - by action. Sure I care about other people and my impact on them - but I do not have to please them. There are a lot of those who please - politicians for one - spinning stories of comfort and wealth - personal gain and benefit - only to have those promises disappear in a whiff of smoke into the fantasy world in which they were spun. I choose to speak the truth - to proclaim that which I know is real - possible - in the face of difficulties - worth gaining - at the reality of honest work. 
Jesus never promised us a rose garden - he did promise an eternal life with Him and His Heavenly Father - if we were faithful to the Gospel - as we recited over and over again yesterday - as we imposed ashes on the foreheads of parishioners - young and old - "repent and believe in the Gospel" (Mark 1:15). This Lent I choose to believe what I read - teach what I believe - practice what I teach. Those are the words spoken to me by my bishop at my ordination - words that I have done my best to keep. This Lent - as I pray and reflect - as I preach and teach - I will continue to do the same - just as Jesus would do.

Deacon Dale