Tuesday, March 2, 2021

El Camino - The Way #14

The first day of walking was the best - an awesome walking partner - possibly the first time ever that we spent 24 hours continuously together - walking - talking - praying.  The fact that we were able to avoid the first night in a dormitory setting - instead in a private room with private bath - queen size bed - made our first night on pilgrimage very comfortable.  Waking early the next morning - blister treated - finding a cafe con leche - we continued our adventure.  Morning coffee for most - always a good way to begin a new day on your Lenten journey. 

Looking Into the Distance - More Ups and Downs

No matter how disciplined one is - the Lenten journey - never exactly as planned - something out of place - a disruption - no reason to be angry - we are on pilgrimage with all its surprises.

Hello! The Camino Marker

Entering a small village we found pavement again - the Camino marker - a break form the gravel and rocks.  In Lent we very often find others also on their spiritual journey - walking similar paths

We discover other pilgrims ahead of us - Arlene's back pack displaying the pilgrim sea shell tied to her pack and her trekking poles - not needed on flat terrain 

The Camino path misses very large towns most of the way - smaller villages are plentiful - with places to stop - rest - use bathrooms - find food.  When scheduling your Lenten experience - a must to allow for the necessities - especially when engaging in lengthy practices. 

Returning to the gravel and rocks 

To be clear - we were walking through the mountain regions - luckily from our research we knew to expect the ups and downs and the necessity of trekking poles.

Here it almost looks like Arlene is using stairs - danger zone - an old crumbling Roman road

And again - over and over the rocky terrain returns to flatter terrain - lots more walking on the gravel paths 

Looks flat but it is heading uphill - again

Dormitory sleeping men - women

Ending this day the first alburgue we stopped at was filled - even this one they said they were filled until another person decided to open up the third floor which was completely empty. By the time we had finished dinner and ready for bed - it too was almost filled.  We left our back packs on our beds - trusting that nobody would take anything - for the most part - pilgrims are very honest and helpful.  As we journey in Lent we often need the help of others as we navigate the path that we have planned for our 40 days of prayers.

Deacon Dale