Monday, March 8, 2021

El Camino - The Way #20

Day #3 in Burgos - like it or not - returning to the Camino path tomorrow - hopefully my blister has had enough time to heal - even though Burgos is a very nice town - we are not on vacation - we are on pilgrimage - a big difference.  It is interesting that at restaurants when you ask for the menu - you get a card with everything they serve - in Northern Spain - on Camino - when you request Menu - that specifies a specific meal for pilgrims - three courses - soup - salad - fish - meat - desert - coffee - bread - wine.  When you requested - menu - you got all three courses plus a full bottle of wine for each person including your ice cream and coffee. Because many pilgrims drank their full bottle - lots of snoring at night. 

Peregrina Arlene con vino tinto 

On pilgrimage with beautiful weather - we fell in love with outdoor dining.  Pilgrim Menu about €7 to €9 - Dinner at 7:30 PM  in bed by 9:30 PM - Albergue doors locked at 10:00 PM  This casual day minimized walking - time to sit - pray - reflect - prepare for the next day. 

Pilgrim Menu Board

Non pilgrims - locals - tourists - benefit from the very reasonable prices at restaurants.  In a large part the pilgrims from around the world fuel the economy for Northern Spain in the small villages.  Even though most locals did not speak English - with minimal Spanish - very easy to get around Spain - most people were very friendly - even though tipping is not normal in Spain - nobody ever refused a tip when offered especially with a big smile and friendly muchas gracias.  That added to the spirituality of the pilgrimage - helping to add to their economy.

Europe is loaded with statues every where you go - even on Camino 
in very small villages - always statues.

Public Square - Gathering place for peregrinos - locals 

Public waking area - places to sit - relax - pray - meditate - thinking about tomorrow

Our last day in Burgos - tomorrow loaded with back pack - trekking poles - we continue onwards to Santiago.  The first ten days of pilgrimage completed - looking forward to another twenty or so.  Yesterday - Third Sunday of Lent - half way of our Lenten journey - twenty more days of prayers - reading - reflection on our present journey.  How are you doing - any blisters yet?

Deacon Dale