Saturday, March 27, 2021

El Camino - The Way #39

And on the next day - morning did come - as anticipated.  Almost everyone is familiar with shrink wrapped products - the most common are found in the vegetable and meat aisles in the grocery store. The shrink wrap process has been developed so well that many other industries and products now benefit from shrink wrapping - multiple units of the same product - similar and related products may be wrapped together - especially when introducing a new product. Today while walking - we came across a field where the farmer had shrink wrapped his hay crop. We have seen other systems used to protect hay during the winter months - this was the first time we have seen hay wrapped in plastic. 

On occasion - we will come across people who have shrink wrapped their faith - faith that carried them for a period of time - then for no reason - wrapped neatly in a package - placed on an upper shelf - in the closet of their heart - waiting - for an awakening.  Perhaps in this Lent season we may be the one to help them remove that wrapping - to rediscover their faith. 

Hey Hey - Hay 

Saw this sign early in the morning - never found out how to pronounce - not a worry just like reading Scripture - some words - cannot pronounce - as long as you learn the meaning

Morning fog so dense it looks like a lake 

Display of giant sized ants 5 feet tall 

Another One 

And another..


Mary and Jesus 

Dancing Pilgrims - Celebrating?

Debating which way to go?

Our Destination - One hour drive - three days walk - 65 Km to go 

Corn crib - drying & storing corn 

Way Marker with St Gianna card & stones 

Way Marker sponsored by group caring for the Camino 

13 Kilometers down - only 52 Km to go 

Medieval Bridge over quiet waters - time to look for an albergue

All Smiles - Wine & Tapas coming up 

End of day prayers 

Today was a hot 23 kilometer walk - lots of sun - again - no giant hills to climb - one rough patch with rocks and stumps to cope with - otherwise a good day.  Even when we come to a road block in our lives - we are delayed a short time - work through whatever might be - then continue on.  Our days in Lent getting shorter - there is a light at the end of the tunnel - or in our case walking the Camino - at the end of each day a bed.

Deacon Dale