Sunday, March 21, 2021

El Camino - The Way #33

When I originally blogged about this day I titled it - Living on the Edge - a lot of our walking on this particular day involved walking close to the edge of the trail - Living on the edge - daring to go somewhere - to do something - out of the ordinary. Many people - individuals - couples - groups - dare to go beyond what is comfortable - to experience life beyond the ordinary. Experiencing the Camino de Santiago - places every participant - on the edge. Moved from an ordinary life - where almost everything is scripted - to an extraordinary experience - where every day is different from the day before - is living on the edge.  In Lent we are called to also - live on the edge - to do things we are not completely comfortable with - just as Jesus has called us to go out - proclaim the Gospel - whether convenient or not - comfortable - uncomfortable - to do as He commanded.  We walk by faith - knowing that He - the Lord of Lords - is with us constantly.  

Exchanging the dry browns for luscious green

In the hot days on the Camino - walking along these paths - shaded
 from the sun - 100F not so bad 

Alto de San Rogue Pilgrim Statue - another high point - literally

The town named Hospital - 145 Km away from Santiago 

And one day God painted the world with views like this - awesome

Old but still functional - NO matter what our age -no matter what our limitations
We are instruments of God - Never useless - no matter what anyone says 

As we get closer to the town of Sarria - more pilgrims joining the trail

At the top of the hill above - the last half of a kilometer was very difficult with a very steep ascent - we were rewarded at the top with a peregrino bar where we recovered with some cool drinks and a Bocadilla. To our surprise we ran into Beatriz and Jorge who we had shared a room with two nights previously. Energized we continued for another 5 kilometers to Fonfria our end point for today.

Today for our albergue - the Host insisted that we take a private double bed - cost only €20 but hard to rent to single pilgrims on tight budgets - we happily accommodated - same price for us compared to two single bunks and more comfy 

The dinning room across the street from the albergue - a renovated barn - Dinner included in the cost of  the bed & shower - Our second community meal - shared with all staying the night
felt like a 5-start restaurant in service and quality 

International pilgrims

Sharing tasks with each other 

Fellow from Barcelona on left 

Tonight we experienced a community pilgrim dinner - all those eating are from the Albergue Reboleira in Fonfria. Our walk today brought us only 12 kilometers closer - but we did a lot of steep hills which slowed us down. We are still happy with our progress and our albergue today is very nice.  At dinner conversation was lively and fun talking with Hendrik - from Germany - Evan and Sue from Australia who are tandem bicycling to Santiago and Andrea and Stefania from Italy. The restaurant staff sat us as couples next to each other but across and next to complete strangers which helped spark the excellent mealtime experience. As we get closer to Sarria - the number of peregrinos will increase dramatically as Sarria is the last city one can start from to qualify for the coveted Compostela - certifying that they have walked a minimum of 100 kilometers to Santiago.

Circular table encourages conversation with others 

albergue lounge 

This day was a very good day - difficult up hills - only walked 12 Km but progress of any kind - always good. As we end today with our prayers for thanksgiving - asking for blessing for whatever will come tomorrow - we thank Jesus for His faithfulness - that He is always with us.

Deacon Dale