Thursday, March 18, 2021

El Camino - The Way #30

Good morning pilgrims!  May this day be blessed - Leaving town we passed a monument to a pilgrim who died while biking the Camino - used his bike - said a prayer and started the morning

The down hill path continues before us - slippery shale even when dry - worse when wet 
The paths we walk - all have their ups and downs 

Uneven paths were very frequent along the Camino - only 20 percent of the Camino trail is on black top - the remainder paths like this - we are in the mountains - remember?

Careful Arlene you can do this - this downhill a bit harder  - again and again
thankful for trekking poles

Molinaseca  - back on flat ground 

Welcomed to town with a crucifix - the sign of Hope 

We are here - another small town - many on today's trek 

In God's eyes - we are all sheep looking for a leader - for us His name is Jesus 

Ponferrada - larger city - more to offer 

Knights Templar Castle 

Entrance to the largest alburgue we stayed at - 300 bunks 

Pilgrims soaking  their feet in the entrance fountain - seen frequently

Large amount of bikes at this alburgue - most we saw at one time in one place

Chapel at the alburgue - prayers - reflection 

It all started with one man - He had a dream - a dream that people could live and work together for the common good - that each person would be given the same respect - and in return show that same respect - that the color of one's skin or eyes - or the language that rolled off their tongue - or the food they ate - would make no difference - would cause no judgement - would not diminish the value of one's life. That man was - Jesus Christ - the Dalai Lama - Buddha - Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. - and many others. Throughout the world - peoples of all beliefs - and even those with no beliefs - have placed their trusts in their fellow man. For Christians - Jesus of Nazareth - was that man - for Saint James - Jesus was His Lord - for each of us who walks this Camino - to venerate the bones of Saint James at Santiago de Compostela - Jesus is the guide that calls us - as individuals - to become seekers - to seek Him - to seek His peace - to seek His answers - to all our life's questions.

In this Holy season of Lent - we the faithful - come seeking Jesus - just as people have done for centuries.  We all walk a different path - even when Arlene and I were walking the Camino - many hours praying together - still some hours apart - always close to each other - but allowed space for personal time - personal prayers - personal thoughts.  In this Lenten season each of us - need both community - private time - to pray - meditate - reflect - linger with Jesus. The beauty of this time that we all share together - Jesus is with each of us - no matter where we are - no matter what prayers we speak - don't speak - in Lent - we immerse ourselves in His Love - Forgiveness - Peace.  This journey continues. 

Deacon Dale