Tuesday, March 9, 2021

El Camino - The Way #21

Back on  the trail - carrying all our things - my blister still with me - Arlene - bandaged knee - compared to everything else - minor.  The path out of Burgos had us walking on pavement alongside a running stream of water - very peaceful - morning prayers - Thank you God - for all your blessings - things we might have missed if it hadn't made some sound.  Walking west towards  the sun - always in our face - thank you for sunglasses and wide brim hats. Thank you for the lightweight puffy jackets to keep us comfortable in the chilly mornings and that these compact down so small they fit in their own pocket.  Every morning thanks for the blessings we often miss.  In Lent - thank you for this time to pause - reflect - take notice of all the good things that are around us - even during a pandemic - God is so good. 

Bubbling stream - very peaceful - heading back to the dirt path that is the Camino 

Camino Angels

As we were walking we noticed our shadows in front of us - were those really shadows - or perhaps our Camino angels.

A field of sunflowers 

Harvested Field - Lots of Brown - Hot 

We are not alone - Other pilgrims - not many 

Village Fountain - Do Not Drink The Water 

We were warned to drink only bottled water since our digestive system would not be happy with the local water - good advise whenever you travel 

Local chapel - time to pray - heading into a very dry - hot area 

Typical Camino trail - gravel - dirt - dry - prayer time 

Stacking stones - religious cult?  - We added our own - time to pray 

More downhill - knees did not like 
**Notice the trail goes down and to the right of the pilgrim ahead into the mountains
 in the back ground 

The mornings were usually chilly for the first hour - then puffys came off compacted down - stuffed into our packs - within the next hour - very hot - our ultra lightweight t-shirts - shorts very damp from perspiration - all would be washed when we found our albergue for the day - shower - put on our second set that were dry inside our packs - after a shower - wash the sweaty ones - pray they would be dry by the morning. Everything we wore - carried - was hi-tech quick drying clothes - except for our wool socks - those would be pinned onto our pack and air dried the next morning as we walked. Luckily it did not rain except the last day so we saw many pilgrims with clothing pinned to  their backpacks - rule #1 - keep your feet dry.

Community Gymnasium

Local gymnasium used for over flow - pilgrims - cots - concrete floor - one bathroom - cold water.  When we entered this town the Camino was getting more crowded.  Most of the time it was only the two of us - occasionally joined by a few others - those who walked very fast quickly left us - those who walked slower - left behind.  Here the three albergues were filled up - next albergue - 11 Kilometers away - we had to stop - no choice.  Happily they opened a local gym with cots for the night.  Unfortunately - one shower - cold water only - not fun - one restaurant - completely filled.  They did have a small local grocery so we purchased a few items - two small bottles of wine with twist off caps and that was dinner.  More prayers - God bless us - please!  We did sleep well surprisingly - In Lent we pray that everyday is productive - that we end our day with a good sleep.  

Deacon Dale