Tuesday, March 23, 2021

El Camino - The Way #35

The Camino is filled with all sorts of statues depicting pilgrims - in Northern Spain - the Camino is the life blood of so many locals - in some place locals would complain about strangers walking all over the place - in Spain - they love the pilgrims - their money - the freshness they bring to that area.  In Lent - those who introduce us to new insights - a blessing indeed. 

One Man's tin can - another's pilgrim 

Pleasant trail crossing a stream

Yes - some pilgrims ride horseback - lucky for them
horses not so lucky walking on stones

Another way sign - marking trails

Dangerous down hill - walk slowly 
if you look carefully there is a small gray triangle patch in the trees before  
the farm field - that is where we are heading 

Walking through the back yard of Northern Spain 

125 Kilometers - getting closer 

Hello Mr Bull

And in the middle of nowhere - a Coke machine - where did they get the electric

Heat - sun - dirt - rocks - a normal path

Way markers more frequent now every few kilometers 

And it's down and under and up a turn to the left - Hi Arlene 

A bridge made out of flat stones 

Time to make a decision - go left or right.
In Lent we constantly make decisions on which path to follow 
stay the course or make a change 

And this was the correct decision?

Looks can be deceiving - will she fall this down hill? 

Finally we are in "Sarria" - To qualify for the Compostella - the official certificate that says you walked the Camino - you must prove that you walked the last 100 kilometers - starting in this village and walked to Santiago 

St. Mary Church - if starting your Camino - get your pilgrim passport here
and official stamp to prove you were here 

City run albergue - very basic - cheap - shower & bed

Today we arrived in Sarria - another hot day - clothes filled with perspiration - this was the first public albergue we stayed at - very basic - ceiling just inches above your head if in a top bunk - I was - first time we saw other pilgrims walking around mostly naked with out a care who viewed them - obviously an European thing - not as shy as Americans.  After showering and getting into dry clothes - laundry - then headed out for wine and tapas and eventually dinner. 
Slipped into bed - night prayers - God is so good - no matter what your day has been light - always sending His blessings on us.

Deacon Dale